Didn’t think there was a fun way to lose weight?

Think Again... You could even win a cash prize!

Join the Weight Loss Challenge to help reach your goals. Over a 12-week course, gain the knowledge and confidence, for healthy lasting weight loss.
  • Weekly meetings are fun and dynamic. You donít have to talk if you donít want to
  • Challenges are group-based and fun (We have to re-iterate this twice!)
  • Weigh-ins are always confidential
  • It is a one-off cost is to join the Challenge. Purchase of products is not necessary
  • There are cash prizes for the top achievers
  • You will receive tips on healthy and fun meal plans, and good nutrition
  • The Challenge will not take up much of your weekly time
  • Receive personalised support from your coach
  • Get inspiration through a fun environment, to achieve healthy results


Success StoriesRead our Success Stories
Read inspiring and true stories from Weight Loss Challenge participants. Soon, your story could be here to inspire others to reach their goals. If you already have a story youd be proud to share, then send us a few words and we will be in touch!




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